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Arlington Central Fire Station

Arlington, Massachusetts

Client Testimonial

Project Summary

  • Contract Value:  $5,320,000

  • Duration:  15 months

  • Architect:  Donham & Sweeney

  • Owner:  Town of Arlington

Scope of Work

The Arlington Central Fire Station was built in 1926 when its unique, five-bay design was a response to the odd intersection of Broadway and Massachusetts Avenue. The building’s frame remained mostly unchanged through the years and is widely considered to be a historic icon of Arlington Center. 


Boston Building & Bridge was awarded the extensive renovation project that involved the complete demolition and remodeling of the building’s interior with the addition of new features - modernized heating, electrical and plumbing systems, state-of-the-art fitness center and training classroom - while retaining the building’s historical character and restoring the exterior facades to their original appearance.  Architectural items from the original design were preserved, including decorative corbels and brickwork in the apparatus bay and a decoratively painted mantelpiece on the second floor.


While historical in nature, the building earned LEED Gold certification, a new level of sustainable achievement for the Town of Arlington. The fire station remained in operation while the renovation was in progress and the building now accommodates as many as 15 people, the fire department administrative offices and five key pieces of apparatus. 

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been involved in the construction and renovation of three fire stations in our town and working with Boston Building & Bridge on the Central Fire Station was the best experience. When issues came up as the work progressed, the Boston Building & Bridge team responded quickly to mediate discussions and find a solution that satisfied myself, the owner and subcontractors   The quality of the work, to maintain the integrity of this historically significant building and bring it to the 21st century, exceeded our expectations."


Robert Jefferson, Fire Chief

Town of Arlington

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