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Here is a sampling of what our clients have to say about the value that Boston Building & Bridge provides and the experience of working on a project together.

Arlington, MA

“I’ve been involved in the construction and renovation of three fire stations in our town and working with Boston Building & Bridge on the Central Fire Station was the best experience. When issues came up as the work progressed, the Boston Building & Bridge team responded quickly to mediate discussions and find a solution that satisfied myself, the owner and subcontractors  The quality of the work, to maintain the integrity of this historically significant building and bring it to the 21st century, exceeded our expectations."

Robert Jefferson, Fire Chief, Town of Arlington

Belmont, MA

“If there is one word I would use to describe Boston Building & Bridge, it is “Integrity.”  If this firm makes a commitment you can be guaranteed that it will get done. From our very first meeting to kick off the Blair Pond Substation construction, the Boston Building & Bridge team demonstrated the organizational skills that are fundamental to the success of a complex project. Out of the gate, they identified critical factors along the path that could have put the schedule at risk. As an example, they were proactive and stayed on top of complicated permitting requirements that in some instances involved the MBTA.  All in all, the Boston Building & Bridge team met the deadlines for an aggressive schedule, produced quality workmanship and did so with a commendable safety record. The urban location of the job site, with three commercial abutters in close proximity, posed a significant challenge. It is to the team’s credit that they were able to maintain open communications with the neighbors and preserve a positive relationship throughout a yearlong project. Given the opportunity, I would recommend Boston Building & Bridge as the general contractor on any future project that serves the interests of the town.”

Jim Palmer, General Manager, Belmont Light

Boston, MA

“To completely gut and renovate a 100+ year old building from the basement to the roof certainly had its challenges and unforeseen conditions. The existing structure required specialized shoring for additional structural support to facilitate the new work and Boston Building & Bridge had the expertise to get the job done.

As we came to the final critical months of the project we held to a mantra that the building has to get done for the kids. As summer approached, there was no place else for them to go. I was struck by the tremendous dedication Boston Building & Bridge had to getting the job done. Excellent communications with the subcontractors keeping them on task in those final days was a big part of it. The reaction of the parents, who used the Paris Street Community Center as kids 20 or 30 years ago, was pretty special. To see what looked like a totally new building with new concepts and new programs totally blew them away. Without the knowledge and commitment of the Boston Building & Bridge team, we would not be here.”

Robert Melvin, Project Manager - Property and Construction Management Department, City of Boston

Cambridge, MA

“The Boston Building & Bridge team is among the best I have worked with in my many years in the construction and design business.  It’s inevitable that with new technology you run into unexpected problems. The Boston Building & Bridge superintendent worked hand-in-hand with the City to come up with creative solutions that provided effective results.  Boston Building & Bridge demonstrated superior communication skills and was proactive in identifying issues before they became problems. The project was completed on time and within budget.  Without hesitation, I would look forward to working with Boston Building & Bridge on future City of Cambridge projects.”

Michael Black, Construction Project Manager
, City of Cambridge

Billerica, MA

“A hallmark of working with Boston Building & Bridge is the exceptional customer service provided at every step of the project.  The renovation of the Valley Collaborative School had a number of challenges, not the least of which was a non-negotiable deadline for completion (just four months). In addition, the school, which served a sensitive population of students, was in session while the work was being done. The Boston Building & Bridge team did everything possible to mitigate noise and disruption, working late shifts and incorporating unexpected design changes without pushing out deadlines.  When issues arose with a subcontractor on the job, Boston Building and Bridge was instrumental in negotiating a solution that met the needs of all parities involved. This team is technically smart and knows how to get things done.”

Tim Bonfatti, President & CEO
, Compass Project Management, Inc.


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