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Fraser Field Stadium

Lynn, Massachusetts

Project Summary

  • Contract Value:  $2,246,042

  • Duration:  6 months

  • Architect:  CBI Consulting Inc.

  • Owner:  City of Lynn

Scope of Work

Fraser Field was constructed in the early 1940s as a 4,500 bleacher seat, cast-in-place concrete baseball stadium with a cast-in-place reinforced concrete riser system supported by cast-in-place concrete beams and columns. Of particular note is the middle portion of the grandstand, which is covered by a unique cantilevered cast in place concrete roof system in the form of an arc.


The project involved removing the deteriorated concrete on both the top and underside grandstand surfaces as well as cleaning any corroded reinforcement as required. Visible cracks were routed and scaled, expansion joints were replaced, and an elastometric coating was applied to the top and underside roof surfaces. Finally, a pedestrian grade urethane traffic bearing coating system was applied to the entire top surface of the grandstands. The project was completed in just six months.

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